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About us

When the co-founder, Mr. Zhu, was studying in Beijing for his exchange semester, there was a bubble tea shop just around the corner of his apartment. Day in day out, there were crowds of customers going out of the shop with a colorful beverage in their hands, taking sips while walking, chatting with friends and smiling happily. The curious business student, who only knew the classic bubble milk tea with colorful popping bobas by that time, decided to give it a try. Little did he know what his first visit there would do to his wallet. Very surprised by the variety that he had not seen in Europe and freshness of the tea beverages, he introduced the shop to his mates, and everybody loved the drinks instantly! “Let’s have a bubble tea after class” became the new form of socializing. The love for tea does not seem to be just “an Asian thing”.

Bubble tea has been popular throughout Asia since its introduction in the 1980s and is now becoming one of the most desired drinks worldwide. We are proud to announce that we are finally bringing our interpretations of the delicious beverages to you and the Grazer food-scene!
Like we are used to having coffee and a piece of cake together, Mr. Zhu thinks Bubble Tea is best accompanied by Asian desserts. Along the way of experimenting came a sudden inspiration… how about… combining those two? The Tiramisu Bubble Milk was created and marked the beginning of the Teas’Me Tea-ssert series. Other creations that would amaze Bubble Tea-lovers followed.

Our Aim

Teas’ Me’s mission is to give its customers the ultimate bubble tea experience with every sip they take! Here you can try the tasty classics as well as our own novel seasonal creations and enjoy the new Asian tea culture with the people you love!
Our vision is to break the old-fashioned prejudice that tea is just a hot drink you have during cold days but a lifestyle and lovely experience! We wish to make tea an indispensable part of your day.

Our secret to success is simple: Carefully-selected tea leaves, homemade syrups, fresh fruits, a mind for creativity and constantly working to further improve our products.
We put the utmost care into our drinks and you will taste the quality!


Tea And More

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